Program FAQs & Eligibility

What are Business Lighting Discounts?

GELLER LIGHTING SUPPLY's Business Lighting Discounts are precisely what they sound like - the latest in energy-saving lighting brought to business customers with amazing savings! We've partnered with BGE and Pepco to bring these discounts to you, along with the service and experience we're known for.

See BGE's Smart Energy Savers Program or Pepco's Business Instant Discounts for individual program information and details.

Where does the money for Business Lighting Discounts come from?

EmPOWER Maryland programs are funded by a charge on your energy bill. On the back of your bill, you will notice the line 'EmPower MD Chg' which is a percentage of your bill each month. The money is then used to offer you rebates and instant discounts on approved energy saving products for your business. Take advantage of the discounts while you can! It's YOUR money!

Who are eligible for the discounts?

BGE and Pepco commercial customers are eligible for the discount. The shopping cart will only process orders for customers in either company's serviceable territory, based on ZIP code. These territories include most ZIP codes in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Calvert County, Carroll County, Harford County, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Prince George's County.

Why are the costs of the same items different across the programs? Why aren't all the same products eligible between them?

BGE and Pepco have different standards for qualifying products. Because of this, you might see one product available for purchase under one program, but not the other. Further more, the regular price and incentive amounts vary between these programs.

Each product displays its pre discounted price, Instant discount amount, and final discounted price, so you have all the information you need at the time of purchase.

How are the products taxed?

Maryland's 6% sales tax is assessed on the before-discount price of each product in your shopping cart. For instance, if you purchase a lamp that has a pre discount price of $5.00, you will pay $0.30 sales tax on it, regardless of its after-discount price.

If you're a tax-exempt customer, please contact us after placing your order. We can provide a refund of the tax amount after collecting the necessary information.

What if I am ineligible but place an order?

We vet each order that comes through to ensure it qualifies for a Business Lighting Discount. In the event a customer places an order, but is not eligible for such a discount, the customer will be contacted and the order will be refunded.

I am a contractor. Can I still take advantage of the discounts?

Yes! In order for a contractor to take advantage of the discounts, we'll need both the contractor's business address and the installation site address.